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  • Listening to: Monster by Skillet
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  • Watching: Uhhh the monitor?
  • Playing: Darksiders when this is all done
  • Eating: Air?
  • Drinking: Water journal....charming....Hmmm rambling...not a good sign...Hehehe....nervous laugh...worse.
*Cough cough*
Ahem, HI!
This is my first journal on this sucker, I tried to post I guess you'd call it a poem a bit ago but it never worked, so let's see if I can't start lighting the DA candle and start using this thing. Ideally with the new digi cam and some help from some friends I may start doing some photography projects on here we'll see how it all goes but I've some plans and ideas, we'll see how it works out.
Life-wise I'm pissed with work cause I only have three days next week...*mutter grumble growl* Socially, well let's see feeling a tad isolated cause my lil bro has been busy as hell and was hiding in the bottle for a bit(I banned him from ANY inebriation for a week now we'll see how it works out). Ummm going to gut one friend for doing something rather underhanded, while my own status of relationship...or lack thereof....or...fuck it's complicated gives me a headache trying to put it into words...but well I was in a REALLY bad dark place for a bit. The rage has abated slightly so I'm a bit more myself and in control, but yeah, went through hell in the last few months and while there's small slivers of hope here and there, they're too slight to risk clinging to and hoping they'll bring me through, so for now it's just soldiering on, being here for those who are important to me and need anything from me. Also moving shortly...this'll be fun heh started it, now the trick is FINISHING it...oy
Also, Dark Siders is FUCKING AWESOME!!!! Kind of depressed Bayonetta came out same day, was really wanting to pre-order it and get some goodies....ah well if work picks up(It better) I'll ideally purchase it in just over a month(maybe a lil more with that whole Bio Shock Collector's Ed pre-order I put in)
For those who haven't seen Avatar FUCKING SEE IT! I mean it, greatest film I've ever seen, you guys who know me know movies don't oft make me emotional, this one did and in no bad way, all positive emotions.
Okay so....guess that's a lil much for a first journal shot...ah well we'll see how it goes, ciao for now all hit up the cell if ya have any questions or wanna bug me as we all know unless I'm sleeping I'm almost ALWAYS bored.


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